To Be Continued...

America's warning

Well, the journey to America's State Capitols has come to a close this time around. 12 Capitols were visited with God's message of warning to repent and to return to our Constitutional/Biblical roots. Though this journey is over for now, God's message is not over. Though only 12 Capitols were visited, there are 38 more to go, and those 38 must hear what God has to say!

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Author Declaration

We the People have hired our congress members to serve us. But, our employees in Congress only care about controlling We the People, the employer, and, therefore, have given the executive branch the authority to use guns on us. They are tyrants! Congress does not have the constitutional power to give any of the federal departments the authority over We the people’s personal lives or business concerns. Only tyrants storm into our businesses with weapons drawn, seize our bank accounts, search our private property, arrest or kill their employers: We the People. These same congress members continue to create laws that provide the federal government agencies more power to come with guns to arrest We the People for violating their many unconstitutional laws. Therefore, both the Republicans and Democrats who authorize these unconstitutional, illegal laws, as well as those who do nothing to stop the tyranny, become tyrants themselves. Indeed, all of them must be voted out of their political offices.